Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Rodrigo Titian was recently asked to appear in an episode of the ever-popular BBC show, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, which aired last night. The show evolves pitting the knowledge and business acumen of well-known antique experts against each other. In this episode, Eric Knowles is at a French antiques market and acquires an early 19th century decanter set. As it needs light restoration, he takes it to Titian Studios for some TLC. For those of you who missed it – it’s available on iPlayer for a few more days.

Although Rodrigo is no stranger to TV stardom (!) appearing as one of the restoration experts in the BBC’s Restoration Roadshow, again hosted by Eric Knowles, of Antique Roadshow and Antique Master fame. The series aired in August of 2010 was watched by more than 2 million viewers.

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